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Our foundation: People, experience, technology and capital

Reliability, honesty and diligence, and the ability to react quickly and in an uncomplicated manner, all of this with enthusiasm and passion – that is what we seek as a team, and that is what drives us. Our customers can rely on our competent and convenient service.

We know the markets and the products, and we feel we know what our clients need and demand when it comes to service, products and technology. We listen to our customers, and we don’t promise anything that we can’t deliver!

OBERON Fiber Technologies focuses on the two application areas in photonics: medicine & life sciences and industry & science. We develop and produce special fiber optic components for such areas as laser surgery medicine, medical diagnostics as well as for optical measurement technology in the area of sensory technology and analytics.

Our experience is your advantage

The basis of optical laser and measurement systems is the transmission of photons using our product, special system components with internal silica fibers. Our product portfolio includes fiber optical probes and special assemblies for transmitting visible and invisible light. In development and manufacturing, we distinguish between two technological applications: power transmission (laser beam delivery) and measurement data logging and transmission. One example of this kind of application is spectroscopy.

OBERON Fiber Technologies is a company with an experienced team. Every one of our company’s employees, whether in production, quality control, sales or product design, has over ten years of experience in his or her field.
OBERON Fiber Technologies operates with a minimum level of hierarchy, a minimum level of overhead and a maximum level of cost savings, which we pass on to our clients.

Triple safety standards for our product

OBERON Fiber Technologies takes quality seriously – quality that forms the basis for safety. Safety in the process, safety for the user, safety for the patient.

We demand reproducible quality of ourselves, and our clients demand it of us. That is why our quality management system conforms to EN ISO 9001 requirements.

OBERON Fiber Technologies meets the prerequisites to manufacture medical devices and bring them to market. We have carried out a conformity evaluation procedure in accordance with Annex II, Article 3 of Directive 93/42/EWG and implemented a comprehensive quality control system. As a result, we are licensed to give our medical devices a CE marking. We have initiated the supplemental quality management system in compliance with EN ISO 13485 requirements.

Medical product safety

OBERON Fiber Technologies has its medical Laser Surgery Fiber licensed with the USFDA under 510k no. K140470.

OBERON Fiber Technologies has sterility certifications in accordance with EN ISO 11135-1, endotoxin-free certifications, EO and ECH residual analyses and Bioburden tests for the medical devices we manufacture. The requirements under EN ISO 10993-1 on biocompatibility are met. The EtO sterility process is validated. All materials used for the packaging of our medical devices meet DIN EN ISO 11607 and DIN EN 868 requirements. We achieve reproducible environmental conditions in our ISO class-7 clean room. Clean room monitoring is regularly carried out by an accredited laboratory.

Our location

OBERON Fiber Technologies is based in the City of Wildau, to the southeast of Berlin. In the Aerospace Technology Center (www.zlur.de), we have 580 m² of production and development space with a clean room for class 7 medical device manufacturing.

We are located two kilometers from the Berlin autobahn ring, six kilometers from the Berlin city limits and eight kilometers from Schönefeld Airport. Our cooperation partner, the Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau (www.th-wildau.de), with its Master’s degree program in photonics, is one kilometer away.

D - 15745 Wildau
Freiheitstr. 120
Entrance B (Sales & Engineering)
Entrance C (Production & Logistic)

Sensor technology & analytics

OBERON Fiber Technologies produces fiber optic components made of fused silica-multimode-fiber with a core diameter of 40µm to 2000µm, with a range of numerical apertures, claddings and coatings. The extrusion coating can be made from the materials Nylon™ and Tefzel™, with coating thicknesses between 50µm to 500µm. All our fibers can be assembled according to customers’ specifications. Our portfolio includes special fibers (sapphire fibers, solarization-resistant fibers, various doped fibers, germanium-oxide fibers) as well as special coatings (metal, high-temperature acrylate).

Extensive portfolio

We develop and produce fiber optic bundles, multi-branched bundles, probes and cables for use in the wavelength ranges UV-VIS-NIR in the range of 190nm to 2200nm. For various applications in spectroscopy, sensor technology and analytics, we manufacture multi-legged fiber bundles, cross-section converters, reflectance probes, transmission probes and vacuum feed-through assemblies.

Using our products, our customers can measure transmission, reflectance, emissions, temperature, expansion and pressure. We protect the fiber with a sealed assembly that protects against difficult environmental conditions and harsh industrial influences. Our probe and fiber designs are also suitable for measurements in underwater, vacuum and high-temperature conditions. Other application areas for the probes we manufacture include particle measurements and fluorescence stimulation.

Over 15 years of industry experience

We have over 15 years of industry experience that goes into the design and manufacturing of our fiber optic probes for spectroscopy. We can produce a wide range of diameters, bundles, probes, special assemblies with customer-specific bundle design (circular, row, square or rectangular) of various fiber compositions (including statistically arranged) with numerical apertures from 0.10 to 0.49, as well as a diverse range of protection tubes (PTFE, PVC, metal/PVC, metal/silicone and stainless steel) and connectors (SMA, FC/PC, DIN, ST or customer-specific connectors).

Our selection of probes includes internal sensors in infrared, near infrared and Raman spectroscopy for the analysis of solids, fluids, gases and powders, as well as external sensors for the measurement of geometrical and dynamic variables.

OBERON Fiber Technologies has excellent customer references in the chemical industry, in astrophysics, in instrumental analytics, in the biomedical and microscopy fields as well as in the area of defense engineering.

Laser medicine

As a medical device manufacturer and original equipment manufacturer (OEM), OBERON Fiber Technologies develops and produces for many specialized medical areas, including vein surgery, urology, aesthetic surgery, dermatology, orthopedy, dental medicine, ophthalmology, gastroenterology, gynecology, pneumology or ENT.

The medical laser fibers are developed for the wavelength range of 260nm to 2100nm. The laser energy transmission is optimized for pulse and CW lasers, for example argon, KTP/532, Ho;YAG, Nd;Yag, thulium and diode lasers. Our products are characterized by low attenuation losses with excellent transmission levels.

Varying beam characteristics

Our product program for Laser Surgery Fiber is differentiated according to distal tip configurations with varying beam characteristics. The distal design is always specific to the particular application.

The product program of OBERON Fiber Technologies in overview:

  • Laser Surgery Fiber
  • Dental Surgery Fiber
  • Radial Emission Fiber
  • Side Fire Fiber
  • Atraumatic Surgery Fiber
  • Endoscopy Lighting Fiber

Disposable or reusable laser fibers

We develop the proximal design using various F-SMA 905, customer-specific connectors, tubes and adaptors, laser markings, integrated RFID chips as well as individually modifiable designs for holmium lasers.

We offer disposable and reusable laser fibers. All fibers are delivered ETO-sterilized; reusable laser fibers are autoclavable. All our surgical, ophthalmologic, urological, dental and endovascular laser fibers are manufactured with bio-compatible materials according to EN ISO 10993-1.

Product characteristics of laser fibers used:

  • All-silica fibers and hard-clad silica fibers with numerical apertures from 0.10 to 0.49
  • Optical cladding materials made of silicone and hard clad
  • IR (low OH) oder UV (high OH)-Fasern mit Dotierungen
  • Capillaries from 900µm to 2050µm
  • Polyamide coatings with high mechanical stability
  • Applicable with F4-F8 introducers including marking
  • Core diameter 200µm to 1000µm
  • Extrusion materials made of Tefzel, Nylon and Vestodur
  • Various protective tubes (e.g. silicone or PVC)
  • Reproducible quality with five-year minimum durability

We would be happy to provide customers and other interested parties with detailed technical data sheets.

Medical diagnostics

Raman spectroscopy is used in biological-medical applications. By combining fluorescence microscopy with Raman spectroscopy, it is possible to localize and differentiate leukocytes in the vicinity of a variety of non-fluorescent blood cells.

Raman spectroscopy thus delivers additional cell-specific information at molecular level. By utilizing the resonance amplification of Raman scattering through UV resonance Raman spectroscopy, examinations of cellular target structures are possible. In addition to these examinations, Raman spectroscopy offers the possibility to detect minute biomolecular changes.

Raman spektroscopy

The image-based Raman spectroscopy with fiber optic multiplex spectrographs is also applicable in oncology in the detection of cancer cell growth and cell composition.

Our deep experience as designer and manufacturer of fiber bundle probes for spectroscopy is an advantage for the geometrical design of the probe head. Non-contact or minimally invasive detections are thus also possible.

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